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Laminate Wood Floor

Product Advantage


Non-toxic plastic floor tiles with the largest market share

FLOORWORKS pays attention to the health of customers and the environmental protection of the earth. All products are produced to emphasize the characteristics of non-polluting, non-chemical, safe, non-toxic, recyclable and reducing noise pollution, etc., and emphasize the environment and process of product production It is also safe and pollution-free and is committed to creating high-quality products with a high-quality environment. At the same time, the company's products and production conditions must pass the verification and product testing of the highest environmental assessment units in Europe and the United States every year, and strictly test the highest quality products for customers.

Break your fear of PVC. 

Only non-toxic raw materials can produce non-toxic products.

The general public is afraid of PVC plastic products. This pair of FLOORWORKS floor tiles, which produce plastic flooring, also shoulders the mission of defending the health of the people. We use BASF Hexamoll DINCH imported from Germany as raw material. Ensure that no harmful substances such as environmental hormones will be produced when the floor tiles are in contact with human skin. Its safety features are:

  1. It is a toy and food packaging grade for infants and children under 3 years old. It is a very safe raw material to protect children from touching and swallowing.

  2. Passed strict toxicity tests in Europe

  3. Japan Sanitary PVC Association recommends the use of safe raw materials for food contact applications

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The only enterprise model in the country that has passed the EPD third-class environmental declaration and is friendly to the environment.

The significance of the third type of EPD environmental declaration is to respond to the issues extended by global warming and climate anomalies, and the data obtained will be used for consumer evaluation after the report. Floorworks expects not only to produce floors but also to produce environmentally friendly floors.

Hexamoll DINCH is characterized by sensitive soft materials such as toys for infants and children under 3 years old, food packaging, and medical supplies. Specially developed for human contact, offering the highest level of safety.

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